8 small houses

They're all cute and charming, designed and prepared with utmost care. We built each detail with love.

The question we asked oursselves was:

What would we want?

I said "no give up from hygiene, comfort and originality".
My husband said "air conditioner and TV are indispensable".
Our daughter wished a room for herself with stairs.

Then we made them all real.

All bungalows include air conditioner, TV, shower, double and single beds.

You'll sleep with the sound of waves in your ears, you'll wake up with the bird chirps and you'll have a vacation in peace at Defne Bungalow.

All bungalows have AC, TV, shower, double and single beds.

Almost 10 years ago, our story began. Like two swallows, we decided to build a house here. Like swallows building their home with mud, weeds, love and patience, we built ours in Kozlu Village.

and Defne, our daughter, has joined us like a baby swalllow and lightened our home.

Afterwards, we wished a peaceful place at the beach where we would have comfort and yummy meals for ourselves. We said "why not?"

then we built our bungalows.

I think no need to explain where the name Defne comes from. She will accompany you anyway.

What makes your day beautiful is a good breakfast. Drinking your tea or coffee, watching the sea...
Yummy chips, crispy pastries...

I learned here how olive oil suits with the meals and there are so many recipes with this magic ingredient.

Everyday we cook those olive oil recipes for our guests.

Plenty of kinds of pastries, cookies.. salads... sea food... red & white meat...

We cook upon your choice...

0532 476 40 54

Defne Bungalow & Restaurant Ayvacik, Kozlu sahil 17860 Canakkale - Turkiye

Kadirga Bay 6 km
Assos Ancient City 9 km
Assos Ancient Harbour 11 km
Temple of Apollon 35 km
Babakale Harbour and Fortress 39 km
Geyikli Pier 56 km
Kucukkuyu Harbour 16 km
Lesbos Island (Greece)
Adatepe Village 20 km
Zeus Altar
Troya Ancient City 63 km
Yesilyurt Village 17 km
Kaz Dagi National Park 80 km


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